Kyunga Lee

Software Engineering Manager @ Ex-Microsoft
Engineering Manager | Career Coach | Software Engineer
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I have worked as a software engineer for 25 years including Microsoft for 15 years and 10 years at Samsung. For the last two years in my career, I was an engineering manager at Microsoft. I hired and mentored many new/junior engineers. I am originally from South Korea and got hired by Microsoft with a working visa. As a software engineer internationally hired, I experienced working in a new language and new culture in a new country. Therefore, I understand the challenges and know how to overcome. When I became an engineering manager at Microsoft, I was able to hire engineers from other countries like me and help them grow and mentored many engineers. I would love to mentor you as an engineer or wanting to be an engineering manager. Especially if you are from other country, or female engineer. Nonetheless, I am open to anyone who would like to hear my experiences.

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