Liana Chadova

Tech Talent Acquisition Manager @ Spryker
Talent Acquisition Manager
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My name is Liana. I'm a passionate Tech Talent Acquisition Manager, who has full-cycle experience and is driven to explore and implement new ways of finding AAA talents. Currently, I've been working with candidates from Europe, Canada, and Africa.

I love recruiting and sourcing processes and have experience teaching people from scratch how to become a Talent Sourcer or Recruiter. We can have several sessions where we will discover the recruitment world from scratch. Moreover, we can cover as Technical as Customer Care direction.

Also, I can help you with:
- LinkedIn profile review / CV review
- Rehearse job interview tactics with clients/future employer and offers advice
- Perform personality and skills assessments
- Assist you to discover and overcome their personal barriers and set goals

I would love to talk with you about all topics above.

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