Lucas Hendren

Senior Engineer @ SpaceX
9+ Years experience in Engineering, Managements and Startups
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I am a Senior Engineer with experience at FAANG companies (Meta and Google) and currently work at SpaceX on Starlink. I have led a startups with teams of up to 20 people. At Google and Meta, I launched products on multiple platforms and led teams. My background includes AI/ML research through Stanford and Cornell, leading National Science Foundation projects, and consulting on startup projects. I'm also an LP with AnorakVC and have conducted engineering interviews for Google.

I have mentored self-taught engineers, bootcamp graduates, and college students to land their first jobs and helped mid-level engineers advance to senior roles. I also assist new managers and those navigating startups. I am confident that our collaboration will significantly benefit your career, no matter where you are on your engineering journey.

As a mentor, I provide actionable advice, structured plans, and real insights to help you reach your goals. If this sounds like a good fit, let's connect!

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