Marco D'Ascoli

Director, Research & Advisory @ Gartner
10+ years experience in supporting career growth & mentorship
Italy Active last month


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Born in Italy, educated in The Netherlands, citizen of the United Kingdom, Homeland Europe. I believe in a world without any barriers, a world built on trust and mutual respect.

After 3 Bachelor & Master Degrees focused on Business Strategy and Corporate Finance, I have built an extensive experience in FMCG in the UK&I Market in the areas of Commercial Strategy and in the digital transformation space.

I recently switched career, I now work for Gartner supporting CFOs on their finance transformation journey.

What characterises me is my ability to build strategy & plans and bring them successfully into action; I am very passionate about learning and applying theoretical studies to practical problems.

I support individuals to grow their career, build their personal brand, as well as to prepare them for interviews inside and outside of their current organization.

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