Mariela Whaley

Engineering Manager @ Otta
8+ years in Software Development
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If you want to kickstart your technology career, improve your growth trajectory, get the promotion you know you deserve, and understand what is key to unlock achieving your professional goals, I'd love to help!✨

Every individual is different and may have different needs to achieve their goals - I will listen to your current situation and, based on where you want to be in the future, I'll suggest habits and behaviors that will enable you to close the gaps you may have and become the professional you want to be.

🔀 I usually mentor people on two tracks:
Technical Track: Software Engineers or anyone trying to break into Tech
Leadership Track: Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, Delivery Managers

Here's what you can expect from my mentorship:

📚Learning and Development:
- Deep understanding of your career goals.
- Goal setting and a development plan to help you get to the position that you’re looking for.

💼Help you navigate a work situation:
- Insights from my extensive experience working in different size businesses
- Regular discussions to challenge your thinking and broaden your perspective.

🔍Searching for a job:
- I have worked at Otta a job search site, and I have learned a lot of what makes a great candidate. I will help you put your best foot forward.
- Help prepare for job interviews and career transitions in this competitive market.

💁🏻‍♀️More about me:
I started my career as a Software Engineer 8 years ago, and I've covered different technology leadership roles in different organizations start-ups, and large international companies. I'm currently an Engineering Manager at Otta, and before that, I have been a Software Engineer, Delivery Manager and Senior Engineering Manager at an international company Johnson Controls. I am passionate about creating the right environment in which teams and individuals can grow.

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