Meryem Adak

HR Communications & Employer Branding Senior Consultant @ Talent Brand Company
Consultant | LinkedIn Alum | Employer Branding | HR Strategy | Personal Branding on LinkedIn
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With over ten years of experience in Employer Branding, HR communications and Digital Marketing across various industries, I am a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record of success.

Career Highlights

Sales Professional: In my previous role at LinkedIn Talent Solutions in Dublin, I consistently exceeded my sales targets, growing my client base by 120% and earning a spot in the CLUB in my first year.

Entrepreneur: In 2017, I founded, which has grown tenfold in the past five years and is now recognized as one of Turkey's leading employer brand agencies.

People Manager: As a people manager, I have led a team of 15 creative professionals and adopted a servant leadership style, focused on enabling my team to unlock their full potential through coaching, mentoring, and project involvement.

Consultant: In addition to my entrepreneurial pursuits, I have also served as a strategic consultant, working on projects such as company culture modelling, competency modelling, and the design of employee experiences for the future of work. I have also developed and applied my company's EVP development model to over 15 large-scale enterprise companies in Turkey.

For MentorCruise members:
I thoroughly enjoy problem-solving and assisting individuals in reaching their full potential, accomplishing their objectives through my expertise and experiences. With a diverse background that includes working in multinational corporations, managing teams, establishing my own business, and aiding both individuals and companies in achieving success on various levels, I bring a wealth of knowledge. My primary areas of specialization revolve around optimizing LinkedIn profiles for individuals and companies, as well as enhancing corporate culture and employer branding. Please let me know your aspirations and how you hope to benefit from my skills and experience, and together we will develop a personalized approach to help you succeed. I am particularly hands-on and eager to collaborate closely with you, rolling up my sleeves to ensure we achieve your desired outcomes!

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