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Director of Innovation @ Walmart Canada
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Heya! 👋 I led large teams at Walmart for 14 years and was promoted 11 times.
I've also founded a couple of successful business.
I have a history of getting leaders promoted and accelerating their career development.

I know first hand how tough it can be to lead and get the best out of people. You might feel lost on being a leader for the first time, or wondering why you are being passed over for a promotion at work.

As a mentor, I can help you:
- Be a kickass first time leader
- Get promoted faster
- Improve your teams performance and engagement
- Prepare for interviews, case studies, resume/cv critiques, etc.
- Develop behaviours and build a custom development plan

As a mentee, you’ll have my full 1-1 support. Our first call entails working through a behavioural playbook. From there, I'll share my feedback, notes and detailed plan. When we finish sessions, you'll know exactly what to start doing + why.

I focus on asking lots of questions, creating custom plans (no copy pasting here), and most importantly working together. You’ll get a free introductory call to make sure I'm the right fit :)

I absolutely love watching people grow and do things they never thought they could. I can work with mentees worldwide in any time zone.

Let's chat!

Inquiries: [email protected]
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mgillsea/

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