Mike Tempest

Chief Technology Officer @ Risika
Seasoned CTO with over 14 of technological expertise and strategic leadership
United Kingdom Active 3 months ago


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As the Chief Technology Officer of a leading fintech enterprise, I continue to leverage over 14 years of technological expertise and strategic leadership to drive transformative digital solutions. Having launched scalable, customer-centric platforms for premier global brands like Apple and Google and propelled a start-up to garner an impressive 1.5 million users in two years, my experiences have honed my strategic vision and tech-forward thinking.

My extensive industry knowledge stretches across various sectors, from Retail and Automotive to EdTech and Banking, offering me a well-rounded understanding of market dynamics. Today, in the dynamic fintech sector, this understanding aids me in driving innovation and embracing emerging trends.

My passion for diversity and inclusion remains at the core of my leadership approach. I remain committed to fostering an enriching work environment, encouraging innovation, and empowering teams of varied backgrounds and skill sets. I employ data-driven decision-making strategies to streamline processes, boost performance, and fuel the business's growth trajectory.

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