Moein Saleh

Senior Manager, machine learning @ PayPal
Sr manager in ML & 8+ years of experience developing and deploying ML state of the arts models


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My name is Moein, and I have a PhD in industrial engineering. I'm currently a Senior Manager of Machine Learning Engineering at PayPal, with over 8 years of experience working in the tech industry. Throughout my career, I've developed and deployed cutting-edge machine learning models, resulting in over 10 patents and papers on the latest ML concepts.

As a manager, I lead multiple teams across different sites, including the Bay Area and China, with over 15 ML engineers reporting to me. From attending classes to conducting research and publishing papers, I've gained valuable insights that I'm eager to share with you as my mentee.

So, whether you're looking to ace your next interview, navigate your career growth, excelling in ML comparing to your colleagues, or have a difficult conversation with your manager, I'm confident that I can provide you with the guidance you need to succeed.

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