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I'm Nat, and I love all things to make products (both physical and digital) great for users.
I've got a broad profile of building startups, doing product and UX research, teaching, and generally call myself the "do what it takes to make it happen" kind of person. Having come from studying neuroscience at Oxford University, I've hopped from academics all the way to being a UXR at Google, and I love helping others find themselves and better their products.
I'll be able to help you if you want to do or learn about any of the following:

⭐ need help figuring out what your product and/or startup is, what you stand for and what your mission is
⭐ want to figure our product/market fit, evaluate your product state
⭐ understand your users and customers, foundationally as well as tactically
⭐ want to build research in your team from scratch

And anything else that might be on your mind. Reach out to me!



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