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Nicholas Lea-Trengrouse

Head of Business Intelligence @ Columbus Global UK
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Hello! I'm Nicholas, a Business Intelligence and Analytics professional with over a decade of experience in transforming data into actionable insights. My journey has taken me through various roles, from a Business Intelligence Developer to my current position as the Head of Business Intelligence at Columbus (UK - Consulting).

My expertise lies in leading and revolutionising business intelligence offerings. I've headed teams of BI and Data Engineers, creating robust data architectures and insightful BI/MI reports using tools like Power BI. My work at Patchworks involved designing data architectures in Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse, developing automation solutions to streamline processes, and providing presales technical consulting.

Previously, as a Principal Consultant and Head of Business Intelligence at Techmodal, I led a team of 30 Analysts & Consultants, driving BI and analytics best practices and managing technical aspects of multi-million projects. My experience extends to providing C-suite level consulting in BI reporting, integrating BI components on client sites, and managing the implementation of Power BI across organisations.

My commitment to mentorship stems from my belief in sharing knowledge and guiding others to harness the power of data effectively. Whether you're looking to enhance your BI skills, navigate complex data projects, or advance your career in data analytics, I'm here to offer guidance and support.

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