Oleksandr Shyvakov

Former Expert Cyber Security Architect @ Former MBition (Mercedes-Benz daughter company)
Germany Active today Usually responds in a day or two


Throughout my career I gradually moved from Cybersecurity Researcher to Consultant to Engineer to Architect. Exposure to different roles and responsibilities gives me a complete overview and understanding of cybersecurity problems which organizations face and most efficient ways to solve them.

I know what it takes to convince stakeholders to buy into critical security topics and how to provide technical security leadership when it is needed the most.

In recent positions I focused on automotive and cloud security, I took part in a review and editing of ISO 21434, conducted penetration tests and TARAs for various automotive ECUs and cloud environments. I created security concepts and security architectures for various ECUs ranging from classic Autosar systems to complex hypervisor environments with multiple guests and various security / safety trust levels.

I have experience preparing and rolling out Secure SDLC across big organizations. I went through a complete secure software development lifecycle (Secure SDLC) from security requirements and architecture elicitation to validation and verification. And I know how to support development teams on each stage of the way.

I have a bachelor and three master degrees in a security domain. I have two of the most challenging technical cybersecurity certifications:
+ Offensive Security Certified Professional - 24 hour exam
+ Offensive Security Certified Expert - 48 hour exam
This combination gives me a strong technical foundation in various security domains ranging from cryptography and network security to physical security and social engineering.

I am happy to bring these skills and experience to help You grow.



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