Owen Runnals

Sr. Engineering Manager @ Coinbase
15+ Years of Engineering and Leadership
United States of America Active this month


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As a Senior Engineering Manager at Coinbase with over 15 years of engineering experience, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of teams and technologies. I am passionate about mentoring and helping others achieve their career goals. Throughout my career, I have taken on many different roles, from software engineer to technical lead to engineering manager.

I have worked with startups as well as large organizations, and I have experience with managing/mentoring both ICs and other managers. I am skilled in project management, agile methodologies, and software development life cycles. I have led teams in delivering products from ideation to launch and have experience working with cross-functional teams to ensure the success of a project.

My mentoring approach is tailored to each individual, and I focus on helping mentees set goals and create a plan to achieve them. I believe that successful mentorship requires a two-way dialogue, and I always encourage mentees to ask questions and share their experiences.

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