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Paru Nackeeran

Sr. Manager, Engineering Program management @ Google Inc.
Career & Leadership Mentor & Coach; 25+years in Tech;
United States of America Active 4 months ago


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Hello! My name is Paru Nackeeran and I'm a Senior Manager, Eng. Program Management at Google, where I collaborate cross-functionally to develop technology, integrate and launch. I am passionate about helping people succeed. I have significant experience in start up advising, mentoring & coaching career & leadership in Tech. I have worked in many startups and at large tech giants like Cisco Apple and currently at Google. I am excited by the opportunity to become a mentor and help people grow in their careers and impact through their leadership.

As your mentor, here are several things I can help with:
Career & Leadership:
- Interview prep, advice on your job search, building your portfolio
- Achieving next tier success in your organization
- Changing your career path
- Honing your leadership skills
- Enjoying your career again
Program Management:
- Best Practices for product development in both hardware as well as software
- Best templates that work

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