Patrick Siewe
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Software Engineer @ Coinbase

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I'm an engineer at Coinbase, the San Francisco California cryptocurrency exchange. I've always really enjoyed teaching and mentoring and I want to help you the same way others have done for me. Here are some of the situations I've gone through myself and I would be happy to help you navigate:

- how to transition into Software Engineering
- how to choose which skills will be most valuable in the future, and which technologies are not a good bet
- how to prepare for job interviews
- how to stand out and build your brand once you have the job
- how to negotiate for higher pay
- how to know when it's time to look for a new job
- how to work your way up to the elite companies and their very generous pay packages

I've faced every one of these in my career. I have had plenty of success and failure. I've interviewed candidates who wanted my job so I also have the perspective of the interviewer. You can find me on LinkedIn easily enough and see what some of my colleagues have had to write about me in the Recommendations section.

I can't promise that you will get what you want, but I can promise that I'll be earnest in my attention, candid in my feedback, and truthful when I don't know something. I'll treat our partnership as I do my day job: seriously

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