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Paweł Ochrymowicz

Sr. Software Engineer @ Revolut
10+ years of experience in commercial software engineering
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As a Senior Java Software Engineer, I possess over ten years of comprehensive experience in the field. I am also a certified AWS Solutions Architect, underscoring my proficiency in designing scalable, efficient, and robust cloud-based solutions. My expertise extends to working with distributed systems and managing big data projects, areas in which I have honed my skills for several years. In addition to my technical capabilities, I am an experienced member and leader of distributed teams, demonstrating effective communication, coordination, and leadership in remote work environments.

As a Senior Software Engineer with over nine years of extensive experience, I'm excited to offer my guidance and knowledge to those looking to grow in the software engineering and IT fields.

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With Paweł i learned more than ever during my software engineering career. I recommend him as mentor for everybody seriously thinking about developing software.

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