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Hello! My name is Preeti Menon and I am a User Experience Lead Designer at American Express. I am excited to to be part of this mentorship platform where I can bring to you the strengths I've gained over the last 18 years of experience in top industries like Fintech, Real Estate, Mortgage, Beauty, and Retail.

When you apply for mentorship with me, you will quickly find out that I have a bright and warm personality that loves to tell and hear stories. Stories are the cornerstone of how everything in UX gets built and noticed. I want to hear your story!

And when hearing it, these are the ways I will help you discover your strengths –
• Rethink and improve your brand! Yes, that resume, that portfolio, that LinkedIn profile.
• How to be an activator in developing your career or getting the task done at work.
• Figure out how to navigate complex products and people.

Looking forward to us getting together to apply some solid design thinking so you can get what you need as quickly as you need it. Cheers!

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