Ricky Mutschlechner

Manager II, Software Engineering @ Google
Passionate about your career growth from any stage to any level!
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** Update 9/2/23: Thanks everyone for so much interest in working together! I am currently on a medical leave from work/life due to a procedure and will be temporarily paused for any new mentors until I am back. Please feel free to inquire or wait-list if you want to work together. I expect to be back on the platform towards the end of the month. Thanks!

Hello! I'm Ricky, a Manager of Software Engineering at Google Cloud. I'm a first generation tech worker and university graduate who started from the bottom in Tier 1 tech support 13 years ago, and have been in technology ever since. I have a BSc and MSc in Computer Sciences, both from UW-Madison, a top 15 CS school.

I've been purely on the software side for the last 10 of those years, and in technology leadership for around 4 years. I have worked at two FAANG/MANGA companies and have been involved in hiring at both. I also ran my own company as a co-founder and CTO for around 5 years.

I'm ecstatic to help you navigate a variety of topics (both technical and non-technical) including but not limited to:
- Nontraditional / disadvantaged folks breaking into tech. I am most passionate about this as I would describe myself similarly.
- Career management / coaching: "How do I get promoted", "How do I get into Google/FB/Amazon", etc.
- Career Changes: "How do I get into the world of technology?"
- Negotiation and Interviewing: "How much should I ask for for this new job?", "How do I best prepare to interview at X?", "How do I negotiate if I don't like the first offer that I got? Can I negotiate without competing offers?"
- IT and Software

Other areas I can help with:
- Graduate school application/admission, GRE prep
- University course selection/optimization to land well in the tech industry
- Bootcamp program evaluation

* I generally do NOT give refunds for sessions not cancelled >24h from the time we meet. For those cancelled greater than 24 hours before the session, it is at my discretion, but I do generally give refunds if there is a good reason. Thanks!

** If you consider yourself disadvantaged and are looking to break into tech, please contact me without a booking, as I do allocate some time to helping out folks in that category at no cost.