Rumit Doshi

Staff Technical Program Manager, Battery Manufacturing @ Tesla
Seasoned Leader | Extensive C-Suite Collaboration | Expertise in Fast-Paced, High-Stakes Environments
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As a mentor, I bring over eight years of hands-on experience in high-volume manufacturing, product design, and technical program management at leading innovative tech companies worldwide. Throughout my career, I've spearheaded teams and managed project portfolios exceeding $500M, consistently delivering on the promise of bringing product concepts to life with a sharp focus on speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and uncompromising quality. Currently, I work as a Technical Program Manager at Tesla, where I drive global battery pack manufacturing programs. I lead a team of over 100 people and collaborate closely with Tesla's C-suite to facilitate decision-making processes that develop, deploy, and scale manufacturing technologies worldwide.

In terms of technical expertise, I can offer insights into optimizing manufacturing processes, implementing effective design principles, and ensuring rigorous quality control measures. My experience in technical program management equips me to guide others on project planning, resource allocation, and risk management.

I'm passionate about leadership and team development, believing in a people-focused approach to drive success. I can mentor on fostering a collaborative work environment, developing leadership skills, and nurturing talent within teams. Additionally, I'm well-versed in promoting innovation and continuous improvement, encouraging creative thinking and driving initiatives for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Career development is also an area where I can offer valuable guidance. From setting and achieving professional goals to navigating career transitions and building a strong professional network, I'm here to support others in their journey towards success.

Outside of work, I am passionate about reading, writing, traveling, watching movies, and practicing mindfulness. I enjoy engaging in conversations on a wide range of topics, including career development, technology, and behavioral and situational issues. I am always eager to share insights and learn from others, creating a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Overall, my goal as a mentor is to share my knowledge, experiences, and insights to empower others to grow personally and professionally in engineering, manufacturing, and leadership domains.

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