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Sarmad Hashmi

Staff Software Engineer @ Google
10+ years of experience in software engineering, promoted from Junior SWE to Staff SWE in 5 years
United States of America Active this month Usually responds in half a day


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Hi! I'm Sarmad. I'm a Staff Software Engineer at Google with 10+ years of experience. In the past six years I've worked at Google, I've been promoted three times and have a proven track record as a SWE and technical leader. Helping others grow has always been a huge passion of mine and in that spirit, I'd would love to work with you to create a personalized plan to shape your career.

A bit more about me: During my time at Google, I've worked across three completely different areas as a versatile full-stack engineer and tech lead: Payments, Cloud, and AI. I've led teams up of to 10+ engineers across different organizations to build products that have landed in the hands of millions of users. I have helped junior engineers grow by creating focused career plans, e.g: how to deliver features, create reliable systems, communicate with leadership, delegate work, and much more.

My motivation for mentoring? Because it has truly always been a deep passion of mine to help others grow and watch them flourish.

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