Sasha Korobko

Director of Software Engineering @ dscout
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Sasha Korobko has over 19 years of notable experience in the tech industry, marked by her proficiency in leadership, team management, and strategic innovation. Her professional journey has seen her traverse diverse sectors, ranging from large corporations to small-scale enterprises. However, Sasha's true passion lies in the dynamic environment of small to medium-sized startups—a realm where she thrives and excels.

As an immigrant and a woman in tech, Sasha's perspective is enriched by her unique experiences and challenges, amplifying her role as a minority voice within the industry. In her free time, Sasha juggles her role as a single mother by choice, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of empowered women. Her other passions are travel, gastronomy and actively contributing to her community.

In her mentorship pursuits, Sasha is steadfast in her commitment to coaching individuals in decision-making, problem-solving, and interpersonal skill development. Grounded in her belief in aligning personal values with organizational goals, Sasha empowers mentees to navigate complexities and seize opportunities for growth within the dynamic tech landscape.

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