Shivam Sunderam

Senior Product Designer @ Trivago, Expedia Group, Ex-Microsoft
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Hello, 😊
I am a senior product designer, based in Germany, who has worked with Big Tech, namely Microsoft and rising Startups. Currently, I work on reimagining the AI Search experience at Trivago, Expedia Group. I have graduated from design degree from IITG, one of the top premier institutes in India, and have won design championship at an international level.

In addition to this, I derive great satisfaction from mentoring budding designers in order to help them chart a way forward and grow in their journey of product design. I love providing a path for designers and giving assurance that dreams of their professional career are worthy of following. So if you're at the start of your designing journey or need that push further into your career, I have got your back. I could help in the following ways: 

1. Successful shift to a career in UX
2. Relocate to Europe, guidance on jobs, salary.
3. Deep review and suggests how to improve your resume, pitch deck, or portfolio.
4. Develop skills in your current role to be good at UX and get promoted.
5. Preparing for a UX interview, whiteboarding, app critiques, etc.

I am naturally curious, tailored to you, and, most importantly, collaborative. You'll get a free intro call to make sure if the mentorship is right for you. Looking forward to be in touch.

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