Siddhant Agarwal

Developer Relations Lead @ Open Financial Technologies
India Active last month


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Siddhant Agarwal currently works with Open Financial Technologies as "Developer Relations Lead '' where he is building, an embedded finance platform offering businesses banking APIs to embed financial services in their products. He is on a mission to build India's first developer community around Fintech/Embedded Finance. Previously, he has worked as Program Coordinator with the Google Developer Relations India and had led the Developer Student Clubs program, TensorFlow User Groups, Google Developer Groups, and Google Developer Experts program in India. He also designed and executed the initiative “Build for Digital India” in 2019 launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India which witnessed 7K+ students participating and building solutions that “Solve for India”. Siddhant is one of ACM’s Distinguished Speakers among 200+ speakers worldwide and 20+ in India. A design thinker at heart, he loves working with startups and helping them scale in UX and improve their designs.

With over 6 years of industry experience, he has found his passion in ed-tech initiatives, community building, design innovation, startup ecosystem and building for the next billion users. For his contributions in community building, he was also nominated as one of the finalists of CMX Community Industry Awards 2021 for "Community Professional of the Year for a Developer Relations Community" and "Community Professional of the Year" categories. Being an avid public speaker, Siddhant has spoken at more than 200+ national and international forums impacting more than 90K students/developers/individuals in the last 5+ years.


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