Stefan Richter

Chief Product Officer (CPO) @ instamotion
12+ years experience in product management
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Hi, I am an experienced product leader helping product managers and product leaders build exceptional products.

As a fractional CPO I help startup and scaleup executives build and scale high-performing product teams and organizations.

I have over a decade of experience in building and scaling successful products in various domains, such as eCommerce, FinTech, and Digital Health. 5+ years in a PM role, 7+ years in a CPO role.

Some mentoring topics I cover:
- Career guidance in product management
- CV and LinkedIn profile review
- Coaching on individual product challenges
- Advise on any product management topic (just to name a few: product discovery, strategy, delivery, product-led growth, metrics, team structures, roadmap planning and prioritization)

You can reach out to me via LinkedIn or my website to schedule a free intro session so we can discuss your mentoring needs before jumping on a paid session. Looking forward to read from you!

If you are new to product management, you may find my book "The Product Manager's Playbook" helpful to speed up your learning curve. If you are a product leader who wants to improve their leadership skills, take a look at my online course. Both, the online course and the book, can be found here:

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