Subhechhu Sahoo

Director of Program Management & Business Operations @ Outward Inc (part of Williams-Sonoma)
Love building teams and helping people become successful in what they love to do
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I am a technical leader with expertise in successfully shipping consumer-facing products and experiences. I have over 20 years of industry experience, across SaaS, cyber-security, retail and consulting. In addition, I have worked across all company functions that are possible today, be it engineering, product, sales, marketing, finance, IT, support etc in the last 20 years, interfacing with people starting from C-Suite to individual contributors.

I love building teams from scratch, helping my teams break through barriers, and absolutely enjoy watching them discover the very best in themselves. While I focus on 'getting things done', I ensure the teams don't lose sight of the larger goal, while continuing to chip away at the smaller ones.

Outside of work, I love to travel, be it a road trip or an international one. I plan every single detail of my travel meticulously, in order to cherish those memories with my family forever.

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