Swati Ramnath

UX Researcher @ Alivecor
5+ years of experience as a qualitative and mixed-methods researcher. Specialize in health tech products
United States of America Active 3 months ago


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As a UXR I am driven by the mission to make products more accessible, usable and delightful to the users.

I have worked with bigger tech companies (e.g. as a contractor with Google) and smaller startups and across different domains – health tech, design systems and e-commerce. I have expertise driving research end-to-end, communicating insights clearly and collaborating with a wide set of stakeholders.

I transitioned to the UXR field from academia ( after a graduate degree in Social Psychology) and a decade long career as a content writer.

Characteristics of an ideal Mentee:

- Someone in the early stages of their UXR career that wants to learn how to effectively drive research projects end to end - from drafting planning docs, to executing studies, conducting data analysis and creating presentation reports
- Someone looking to transition to UXR field from another field

Note: While some UX researchers are skilled in UX design I personally do not have any design skills, so I would be unable to help if you are looking for design-related mentorship.

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