Syed K. Jamal

CEO @ Branta
10+ years experience in career advising and entrepreneurship
United States of America Active 6 months ago


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I am an edtech entrepreneur who enjoys enabling young adults and early professionals to make more informed career choices. As a blended professional, I have worked in media, higher education, and nonprofits both, in India and in the US. I serve on the Board of Directors of the World Affairs Council of Tacoma and mentor new entrepreneurs at and I also curate impact projects for

My mentorship focuses on career decisions. entrepreneurship, social impact, higher education, and building effective networks.

In my current role, I lead the organizations’ focus on innovation, partnerships, and client impact. My interests include project-based learning, growth mindset, entrepreneurship, and impact-driven programming. As a trained filmmaker, I also serve on the Board of Advisors of The Way Home: Journey of Family and Faith, a documentary film about three generations of Tibetan women in exile fighting to save their cultural heritage.


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