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Tim Resink

Senior Machine Learning Engineer @ CaptainAI
Helping anyone become a proficient Data Scientist or ML engineer that can build professional ML applications!
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Hi there!

My name is Tim, I am an experienced (5+ years) machine learning engineer in the autonomous systems space, currently working on autonomous shipping at CaptainAI. In this capacity, I mostly develop and productionize ML models for perception (computer vision, radar), as well as building out the data platform. I have previously also worked with big data & analytics, doing for example time series forecasting and developing of cloud data warehouses and data pipelines. Over the years, I have learnt many many lessons from working in industry, both through experience and being mentored by others. The last 2 years I was involved in mentoring multiple ML engineers and learnt that that is a personal passion of mine, so I would love to see where I can help you advance your skills!

My preference is to tailor the lessons to what you want to learn and improve upon, the world is your oyster. If you are unsure what you would like to learn, here is a list of project ideas that we could work on for inspiration:

Build an ML Application:
* Develop an ML model by participating in an AICrowd or Kaggle competition.
* Optimize an existing ML model for faster inference with pytorch & onnxruntime.
* Build a REST API for your model and deploy it to AWS/GCP/Azure server(less).
* Setup a database and build a Dash dashboard around your ML model.
* Setup a vector search database with nearest neighbour search.

* Build out your home lab for MLOps / DevOps by setting up:
* A Gitlab/Github/Bitbucket account with CI/CD pipelines.
* A local Kubernetes cluster.
* Your own ML experiment tracker.

* Contribute to an open source project.
* Setup data pipeline infrastructure (Airflow, Prefect + database).

Again, feel free to fill it in as you like, suggestions are welcome.

Hope to see you!

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