Tina Mati

Lead UX Researcher @ Dentsu
5+ years of experience in user research
United Kingdom Active 11 months ago


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Hi there , I'm Tina a Lead User Researcher with 5+ years of experience who transitioned from Customer Support to UX.

I've been working for various B2C and B2B companies in the travel, e-commerce, advertising and education industries. I have been part of UX research teams but also worked as the first and only researcher in a company.

I haven’t always been a researcher, but my curiosity took me to places and events where I met great people and mentors who helped me discover my passion for UX research. Since then, I’ve been a champion of running quality research, helping businesses understand the benefits of user research and empowering project and design teams run user research effectively.

I also have previous mentorship experience with junior UX professionals trying to break into the field and/or progress in their careers.

I’m excited of this opportunity to meet and help more designers and researchers along their career path, just as I was helped along mine.

I'm happy to chat about:
- Transitioning into user research
- Interview prep questions
- Resume/ Portfolio review
- Getting started with your first UX/UXR job
- Mixed methods research: qual & quan
- Planning, running, and analysing user research
- Personas
- Customer journey mapping
- Research ops
- Managing stakeholders and engaging teams into research

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