Tomi Popoola

Senior Cloud Engineer @ AWS
6+ years experience in development and cloud architecture. 10+ years experience in mentoring, public speaking
United Kingdom Active last month


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I am a senior engineer with over 6 years of experience across Europe and 10+ years in tutoring and mentoring. I provide AWS customers, stakeholders and partners with high-touch assistance, leading diverse teams through the change to a cloud-based IT operating model built on AWS, enabling business outcomes. I have a total of 10 certifications, accreditations and awards, ranging from AWS professional to SCRUM master and Engineering. I lead creation, development, and maintenance of technical content used globally as a senior speaker, scholarship reviewer and mentor (EMEA and USA), influencing industry and driving discussions on DevOps, Infrastructure, Emerging Technologies, Security, Career Development and Inclusion Diversity & Equity, prescriptively suggesting best practices to audiences of 40,000 people at events such as DevCon, STEM Women, AWS Summits, Black is Tech and developer conferences.



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