Tudor Mihai

Start-up Founder & Innovation Consultant @ Innovating Society
8+ years in startups & innovation consulting
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Best suited for people that want to start a business and already have an idea or product.

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Hi, nice to meet you! I've been involved in startups and innovation for the last 8 years, having started a few companies in different fields which gave me experience with product & project development, marketing, pitching and leadership. I gained experience in innovation consulting by studying Business Innovation in The Netherlands, where I lived for 5 years and worked as being a Junior Innovation Consultant during my studies and afterwards. I moved to Romania in 2019 to start my own consulting agency. Besides being an entrepreneur, I am a certified Innovation Management trainer, business coach, start-up mentor, program director in several incubators and lecturer on business innovation at University Babes-Boyay of Cluj-Napoca.

I have been working with people that just have a business idea, with people that already have a working prototype and with already established teams looking for further funding. My area of interest is helping you define the proper characteristics of your product based on the jobs-to-be-done of the customer, involving iterative experiments to base our decision on real-life data. Our initial goal should be to achieve the Product-Market Fit. Only after that, we can talk about growth (marketing, sales, pitching, funding).

In a few paragraphs below, you can find the methodology that we're going to use to make sure you deliver the right business ideas on the market and that your resources are properly allocated.

But first of all, do you know what is the biggest reason why (innovative) products fail? It's because there is no need for them on the market. Bad timing, bad design, bad team, lack of funds or bad marketing spending are also part of the story.

What if there was a way to manage all these uncertainties and risks? With tight pockets, startup entrepreneurs need to make sure that every dollar they spend will bring some value in return. Therefore, a clear understanding of what the market needs will tell you sooner (and cheaper) if you're going into the right direction, or not.

In other words, we'll work on testing assumptions with potential clients, coming up with ideas to improve the concept (based on REAL feedback) and come up with a marketing strategy to bring in new customers.

The 4-step journey to embark on: DISCOVER - CREATE - TEST - GROW

- a real pain is identified for which people are willing to pay for
- includes competitor analysis & trends research
- based on interviews with real potential clients

- multiple solutions are brainstormed based on customer insights
- team votes on the best ideas to move to testing
- outside experts can be included as well

- a prototype is created by our UX designer
- using growth hacking tactics to get real user feedback fast
- identify points that need improvement & repeat

- identify the best channels and content for cheap user acquisition
- create a pitch deck or pitching video for investors or crowdfunding
- create a marketing strategy and budget aligned with business objectives


More about me on:

BLOG : https://innovatingsociety.com/blog
YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/Innovating-Society-Youtube
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tudormihai/

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