Ula Jasinowska

Strategic Consultant, Performance Coach @ Zenfinder
Combining client and team experiences to create meaningful businesses
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Across a decade in the bustling IT sector, I've honed my expertise in customer success strategy, team leadership, and operational precision. Transitioning seamlessly from client-focused roles to guiding teams, I've gained a broad view of industry dynamics.

At my consultancy, I offer tailored strategic solutions to tech ventures, startups, ecommerce, and other various businesses. I focus on enhancing teams performance, streamlining processes, improving both team and client experiences, and fostering consistent growth.

Furthermore, I'm dedicated to mentoring individuals, particularly in:

🟢 Guiding in planning smooth career transitions,
🟢 Assisting in crafting effective career/growth plans tailored to individual aspirations,
🟢 Coaching in mastering the art of self-presentation for professional success and confidence boost,
🟢 Providing expert guidance for navigating the Customer Success Manager career path.

With a dedication to excellence rooted in experience, I specialize in refining good things to perfection. Let's connect to discuss your challenges!

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