If you're struggling with understanding how to rightly apply the innovation process to create highly innovative products or you want to learn how to develop as a product person...

👨🏽‍💻 With about 5 years of experience, i may be your guy!

Reach out to me if you are an entrepreneur and you want to learn more about entrepreneurship, innovation, product and startups.

UN top 50 youth Innovator | Yunus & Youth Fellow | Young Innovation Leaders Fellow | Unilever Brand Ambassador | Founder & Product Manager @Sagefour

⚡ I am a product & innovation leader highly experienced in full-service product development, beginning with research and strategy, all the way through to development and implementation.

🚀 I can show you how i created a product that was selected by the United Nations as top 50 most innovative solutions in the world and was featured in the global Youths Solutions Report.

👔 I am a verified product, innovation and startup mentor at the Haskyane School of Business, Calgary Canada.

👍🏾 I would love to mentor underrepresented founders as well.

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