Viktorija Ma

Senior Product Manager
Software Engineer turned Product Manager (10+ years in tech)
Lithuania 5.0 (1 review) Active last month


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Product management career mentorship & product advice: roadmaps, strategies, building product teams.

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With over a decade of experience in the tech, I have successfully transitioned from a software engineer to a product manager. Drawing from my own journey, I can mentor individuals who are looking to make a similar career shift. I can provide insights and guidance on navigating this transition, as well as help you develop the essential skills required to excel in your new role.

In addition to assisting with career transitions, I am also passionate about helping individuals break into the tech sector, whether they are interested in pursuing engineering or product management roles.

To support your growth and development, I can offer guidance on various aspects of professional life, including:

- Interview preparation and techniques: I can help you tailor your resume, craft compelling cover letters, and develop strong interview skills to increase your chances of securing a job in the tech sector, either Engineering or Product management.

- Team dynamics: Building strong relationships and fostering effective communication within your team is crucial for success. I can share best practices and what worked for me on how to navigate and excel in diverse team environments, handle conflicts, and contribute positively to your workplace culture.

- Networking and professional development: A strong network can open doors and create opportunities. I can offer advice on how to build and maintain a professional network, attend industry events, and engage in continuous learning to advance your career in the tech industry.

Outside my work life, I'm an eager follower of tech innovation and startup developments, lately mostly in the realm of AI applications.

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5 out of 5 stars

Excellent session with Viktorija; she provided useful insights and tips on transitioning from Eng to PM. Viktorija highlighted her own experiences and shared helpful resources in the form of courses/books/articles.

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