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Tokenomics & Token Strategy for Web3 @ Chainforce
Tokenomics Mentor for Start-Ups / ICOs / IDO's / P2E Games / DAOs / NFTs / Marketplaces
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🚀 Every day I'm driving forward the adoption of blockchain technology & tokenization. And I'd like to help people to use and adopt tokens into their ventures & business whenever possible. As I believe that tokenized solutions are more efficient, fair, and transparent than others.

🎟 Building tokenized solutions for Web3 means you're creating a mini-economy and this comes with responsibility. At the same time tokenization offers an excellent opportunity to raise funds, capture value, align and incentivize stakeholders, and redistribute value in a trustless and fair way using the blockchain.

📐 Tokenomics however can be complicated and time-consuming and at the same time is the fundament for your token. It is the glue that holds your eco-system, digital assets, marketplace, activities, and community together. It's the first component that investors, partners, and stakeholders will evaluate before showing commitment.

📈 If you'd like to have a mentor or advisor to help you navigate crypto tokenomics and create a clear and robust ICO/IDO plan for your project or venture. Then I can help you structure your token and answer questions to come up with sound token design decisions and any required token metrics and calculations required for your business and plans.

💪 I can help you:

– Understand the economics of tokens
– Guide the process of launching a token and an ICO/IDO
– Translate your concept into a feasible technical design
– Answer questions regarding token design for stable and thrust-worthy tokenomics
– Explain and research possibilities of different Smart Contract standards

🧭 Navigate your decision-making process about:

– Token distributions
– Inflationary vs Deflationary tokens
– Single vs Multi token strategies
– Private/Pre/Public Sales
– Listing Rates
– Price Per Token
– Liquidity Pools

👉 Some ventures & projects that I've worked with

– P2E Trading Card Game –
– DAO –
– TV/Media Eco-system –
– NFT Game –
– Social NFT –
– P2E Gaming Marketplace –
– NFT with P2E Game –
– DAO's for Investing & Fractionalized ownership

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