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Woj Milewski

Senior Software Developer & Consultant @ Thoughtworks
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Hello there!

I offer one free call for anyone who would like to chat, or needs advice before signing up with a mentor. You do not have to continue on a paid mentorship programme after the first call, if you don't want to. Just drop me a message if you'd like to chat.

Over the last decade I’ve worked with industry leading companies such as IBM and AliPay, and learned from some incredibly smart people along the way. My main job has always been in building software, mainly distributed services in the cloud, including financial platforms handling millions of transactions per day. I also interview and coach developers, present in tech talks and lead technical projects.

I have a passion for learning and solving problems, but also coaching others - I’d gone through some difficult times at the beginning of my career and I still remember what it’s like to be confused about it all!

If you'd like to break into the tech industry or land your first job as a software developer, I can help you brush up your skills, prepare for an interview and give career advice. Getting the first job doesn't have to be hard - if you know how to prepare yourself, where to apply and are willing to put in the effort. This applies to people without technical degrees and of any age and background.

If you've already begun your career in tech and want to improve your skills, I can help you dig into advanced topics such as Extreme Programming, Test-Driven Development, or Agile / Lean Software Development. We can also peek under the hood and see how things are built - e.g. web servers, messaging systems like Kafka, or the TCP protocol - lots of solid designs out there to be learned from. I like to read, so regardless of what we dive into I'll be sure to make reading recommendations and give you hands-on practice.

Drop me a message if there's anything you'd like to discuss, or share your problem and let me think about how we could solve it. I’d love to hear from you!

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5 out of 5 stars

I recently decided to change career and started to learn programming on my own, which has been a challenging journey. I have been struggling with knowing what to focus on and definitely needed the kind of mentorship and guidance that Woj is providing. Woj is very knowledgeable thanks to the broad professional experience he has acquired but remains extremely patient when explaining complicated concepts. He helped me design the first application that will go in my portfolio, which I’m working on now. I will definitely continue booking sessions with Woj and would strongly recommend anyone starting to learn programming to do so too!


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