Shaco Chen

Senior Data Scientist @ VISA
4+ years of data science experience in Fintech and Technology
United States of America Active 2 months ago Usually responds in a day or two


$310 / month

Best suited for interview prep(resune,bq, sql, etc.,) and career advice. Exercises are prepared!

3 calls per month (45min/call)

Unlimited Q&A via chat

Expect responses in 24 hours or less

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I'm a passionate Data Scientist with a solid foundation in analytical skills. I thrive on solving complex problems with data, and I'm particularly fascinated by SQL live coding, analytical case study, behavior question, resume edit. In addition, I've mentored multiple forks from scratch to offer stage, helped them to land an offer and negotiate the salary. I'm happy to help you for any data science job related question at any stage.

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