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Hi there,

My name is Yasin and I would love to help you figure out your right next steps (in my experience there is always more than one)!

If you are feeling "stuck" between what you are currently doing in life and what you potentially would like to do, let's figure out what is keeping you where you are and what exactly it is you are yearning for. This approach usually works best when you are looking for a "change", whether that is a promotion, a new employer, going freelance/starting your own company, adjustments in your personal life etc.

So far, the clarity and structure I was able to provide has made the journey for my past mentees easier.

Where do I draw my experiences from? I have done and have learned the pro's and con's on each of these:
- studied psychology
- co-founded a startup (early stage)
- finished an IRONMAN
- upskilled myself to work as a Data Scientist in a big corporate (220 K employees worldwide)
- moved countries
- volunteered at the German Red Cross

So, yeah, feel free to reach out and we can briefly discuss whether my experience could be of use for you!

All the best

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