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If my standard mentorship is not a good fit for you or you want to customize your mentorship further, you can book a separate 1-hour consultation. Here are a few scenarios with which I can … Learn more

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If my standard mentorship is not a good fit for you or you want to customize your mentorship further, you can book a separate 1-hour consultation.

Here are a few scenarios with which I can help you via these sessions:
- Short notice interview preparation: You need to book a large number of sessions in short period of time to fit your needs.
- One-off mock interviews: If you've been already preparing for your interview and want feedback from an Amazon Bar Raiser.
- One-off design consultations: You want to get feedback on your designs or code and have actionable steps for improvement.
- To supplement a mentorship: If you need additional assistance between our regular mentorship meetings.

Hello there! 👋 I'm a seasoned software engineer with a passion for mentoring and helping other engineers grow.

My specialty is helping mid-career engineers overcome career stagnation and fire up their careers. Whether you're seeking to 1) advance your career, 2) get a new job, 3) expand your technical skills, …

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Recent reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Roman is a great mentor, he is extremely attentive to details and is really helpful. He listens well and is capable of providing candid feedback to develop. I really recommend working with Roman.


5 out of 5 stars

Prior to working with Roman I had a vague understading of what I would like my career to look like. Roman not only helped me clarify this path, he also empowered me with helpful tools that I am using on a daily basis. What distinguishes Roman's approach is his holistic methodology. He doesn’t just focus on the career itself, but also considers how personal strengths, lifestyle, and individual goals intertwine with professional aspirations. His kindness and understanding create a comfortable and supportive environment, enhancing the effectiveness of our sessions. During our meetings, I consistently felt heard and valued. Roman's ability to actively listen and provide tailored advice is exceptional. He did not offer generic solutions, instead, he delved into understanding my unique situation, offering insights that are both practical and transformative. I cannot emphasize enough how highly I recommend working with Roman. His impact goes beyond mere career coaching, it's about fostering personal and professional growth in a holistic way. For anyone looking to gain clarity, direction, and empowerment in their career, Roman is undoubtedly an excellent choice.


5 out of 5 stars

Before working with Roman, I wanted to transition to a role that aligned better with my values and professional goals. I lacked confidence in my technical skills and struggled to juggle work responsibilities with interview prep. Brute forcing my way through the long hours eroded my happiness, well-being and relationships. Roman helped me improve my time-management and prioritization skills, creating more space for interview prep. He guided me in making the shift from fearing layoffs to feeling empowered - rebuilding my confidence and creating better relationships in the process. Within two months, I secured a better role at a new company. My biggest breakthrough was realizing how life outside work powerfully impacts my career confidence, productivity, and success. Roman helped me build a plan for a well-rounded life with new hobbies and social activities. My life has more meaning now, which improved my outlook and career focus. Roman consistently delivered insights that addressed the heart of my challenges, not just superficial symptoms. He shifted my outlook from dwelling on problems to actively seeking upside potential. I highly recommend Roman as a coach to those seeking career success coupled with a fulfilling life.


5 out of 5 stars

Roman is a highly knowledgeable individual with extensive hands-on experience. Throughout our mentorship, he provided a lot of valuable advice on how to tackle problems and improve learning. I definitely recommend him as a mentor, and I am eager to continue our mentorship.


5 out of 5 stars

Roman helped me revise my resume and outlined some steps for interview preparation. He also helped me organize my career goals and how I might showcase my experience to prospective companies.


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