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Do you need to get ready for job interviews? Are you just starting your career in UX/UI Design / Product Design or similar and have no idea how a job interview for these role(s) goes? … Learn more

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About this Session

Do you need to get ready for job interviews?
Are you just starting your career in UX/UI Design / Product Design or similar and have no idea how a job interview for these role(s) goes?

Do you feel you need to get realistic practice so that you feel confident when the real interview comes? Then this session is for you!

✓ Practice presenting a case study: In Design role interviews, presenting your work — whether it's your complete portfolio or a specific case study — usually takes 20/30 minutes and it is where your storytelling skills should shine.

✓ Realistic interview questions: Get asked specific and realistic questions about your portfolio/case study, work process, and overall approach. By practicing answers to targeted questions, you will likely feel calm and assured when the real interview comes your way.

✓ Actionable feedback: During our job interview role-play session, I will provide detailed feedback and recommendations on how you present yourself, your body language, storytelling, and overall communication.

✓ Recording of the session: You will have access to the recording of our session, allowing you to review it later. After our session, I recommend practicing a few more times, considering all the feedback provided.

Susana is an experienced Senior UX/UI Designer, a dedicated UX/UI Design Educator, and a Digital Fabrication Expert with over 16 years in the design field. Having contributed her skills to renowned brands such as Volkswagen, Pepsi, Philips, Toon, and letgo, she brings a wealth of experience from both agency and …

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5 out of 5 stars

I discovered Susana on MentorCruise during a difficult time in my career. Her help was invaluable in guiding me towards building a stronger path to develop my skills as a UX Designer. I now have two additional portfolio cases and have been developing a stronger UX mindset ever since. Susana has been an amazing tutor, helping me grow my skills and think outside the box. Her guidance will undoubtedly help me build a strong career in the UX Design field.


5 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars

My experience working with Susana was exceptional! She demonstrated a deep understanding of the materials I provided, including my CV, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile. Susana meticulously analyzed these documents, took detailed notes, and effectively communicated her insights, allowing me to grasp her thought process. Her guidance was incredibly precise and tailored to my needs, elevating my profile to a point where I now have the confidence to apply for jobs, assured that my experience is clearly and effectively presented, leaving no crucial aspects overlooked. In conclusion, I genuinely endorse Susana as a professional mentor. If you're seeking expert guidance and mentorship, she is undoubtedly the go-to person!


5 out of 5 stars

Susana helped me so much and was so hands on. I recommend her as a job search coach 1000%. She gave me great insights and advice, and gave me the motivation I needed to get on important things for my new job search!


5 out of 5 stars

Susana helped me get unstuck with very actionable feedback. I truly appreciated a fresh and neutral perspective from a seasoned designer whom I trust. For anyone embarking on their job search or wanting to take their profile to the next level I wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with Susana!


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