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This session is designed to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile for professional networking and career advancement. In this session, a mentor with expertise in online branding and career development will review your existing LinkedIn … Learn more

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About this Session

This session is designed to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile for professional networking and career advancement. In this session, a mentor with expertise in online branding and career development will review your existing LinkedIn profile, provide feedback and guidance, and offer best practices for improving your online presence.

Throughout the session, the mentor will work collaboratively with you to identify areas of strength and weakness in your LinkedIn profile and develop a strategy for improvement. This may include advice on how to use multimedia, such as photos and videos, to enhance the profile, as well as guidance on how to engage with other LinkedIn users through commenting, messaging, and participating in industry groups.

Whether you're looking to better brand yourself as an entrepreneur or freelancer, or want to improve your chances of getting hired for your dream job, I can help 🙂.

Examples of how I've helped before:
* Entrepreneurs looking to add credibility and create a personal brand.
* Agency founders looking to better frame themselves for online networking with clients.
* People looking to switch careers and make their profile better suited to appeal to prospective employers and recruiters.
* Fresh graduates looking to give themselves an edge in the job market.


I have 10+ years of experience hiring people and reviewing profiles (potential clients, partners or founders seeking investment) for businesses ranging from early-stage startups to multibillion-dollar unicorns. My background, paired with my experience as a designer and copywriter, allows me to add considerable value for people looking to validate and/or improve their Linkedin profile/brand.

Sessions are split into three parts.

1. A quick 2-5 minute overview where you share your goals and if relevant, any thoughts on your personal brand and how you'd like to be portrayed.

2. I then review your profile and share high-level feedback, followed by ranking the issues in order of priority/importance.

3. I share clear actionable feedback/suggestions on how to improve the content and visuals.

My experience is most relevant/useful for people in the following verticals:

* Entrepreneurs
* Agency founders
* Product Designers (includes UX, UI, Interaction, etc)
* Product Managers
* Executives and C-level candidates
* Marketing roles

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Recent reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Essa is the real deal and he’s helped me to realise my vision. He’s thoughtful, attentive and his drive to find solutions is authentically who he is. The world needs more people like Essa


5 out of 5 stars

It's a great experience working with Essa. He is a attentive listener and pays attention to details. His response is tailered to your end goal and helps you to over come that blockage. Have no doubts I recommend working with Essa,


5 out of 5 stars

Essa is a great mentor! He is thoughtful about his feedback, as well as how he conveys it.


5 out of 5 stars

I currently have the pleasure of being mentored by Essa, a remarkably skilled and experienced UX designer, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. His passion for the field of UX design is infectious and his ability to impart knowledge is exceptional. From the outset, he took the time to understand my goals and tailored his mentoring approach to suit my individual needs, especially as someone with ADHD. Essa does different activities and methods with me to boost my morale and energy such as playing music or doing short time-limited design tasks. His feedback is always constructive, clear and actionable, and he breaks down complex concepts into manageable parts. As someone who finds it difficult to ask questions, Essa has created an approachable and comfortable environment that has provided me with a safe space to ask questions. As a result of his mentoring, my design skills have improved, and my confidence has grown immensely. I have no doubt that his guidance will have a lasting impact on my career in UX design. Essa is an exceptional mentor and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him.


5 out of 5 stars

I've had 2 sessions with Essa so far and I would say that Essa challenges you and digs deep into helping me think hard about what goes into my UX work. He often says/sings, "Tell me why......?" And on top of that, he is funny!


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