Prateek Prasad

Senior Engineer @ Buffer
7 years of experience building & scaling products (Android, iOS & Full stack web apps)
India 5.0 (14 reviews) Active last week Usually responds in a few hours

Introductory Call

Introductory call to explain how mentorship engagement works. Understand your journey so far, identify growth opportunities and come up with a structured plan for progress

$60 / 30 min

Expert Consultation

Whatever doesn't fit the mold: Get a full hour with a mentor to discuss your needs. Be it help with coding something, creating a software architecture, deciding on a strategy for your business or working in pairs. If you don't know whether what you want …

$189 / 60 min

Interview Preparation

Some big interviews coming up? In this 1-hour session, a mentor with hiring experience will act as a technical interviewer and ask you some standard hiring questions that you might hear in one of your future interview too, and will evaluate your replies. As a …

$149 / 60 min

Resume Feedback

Having a good resume on hand when going on the job hunt is crucial, and will make your search a lot easier. Even if you're not looking for a new position right now, having an up-to-date CV that sells your experience to future potential employers …

$89 / 30 min