Yi-Ju Chung

 United States of America

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Staff Software Engineer - Coinbase

10+ years as professional and experienced engineers in FANNG company. (Uber, Netflix, Bazaarvoice, Coinbase...etc) Conducted interviews regularly for e3-e6 engineers including system design, coding, and behavior rounds. Currently, working as a web3 engineering lead.

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Distributed System / System Design Deep dive

Deep dive to every piece of distributed systems, and help you navigate how each component talks to each other. A quick overview to how distributed system and the gist of microservices.

$250 / 60 min

System design/Coding interview mock

Run a complete / real life interview. Will give detailed feedback and well calibrated scores. Also, leave enough time for discussion and recommended next steps.

$200 / 60 min

Setup Career growth plan

Understand your background and discuss the best career growth plan.

$60 / 30 min