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The session is designed to help you optimize your paid advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads or Meta Ads. In this session, a marketing mentor with expertise in digital marketing and advertising will review your existing paid ads campaign, provide …

 Approx. 45 minutes  $99
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Director, Analytics at The Atlantic
With over 7+ years of analytics experience. I lead the data analytics team for a media company where I am responsible to build and manage data models for the revenue side of the business.
Senior Software Engineer at
Software engineer, Interview Engineer @Karat, and an ex-Amazon, ex-Microsoft software engineer.
Hi! I'm Addy, I'm a software engineer and an interview engineer @Karat. I'm an ex software engineer @Amazon and @Microsoft. I have conducted 800+ interviews for different companies, and I have been interviewed by 500+ companies in the last 10 years. I have passed the technical interviews as a …
Marketing Manager at MTARGET
15 years of experience in Marketing, 5 years in Product Management.
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
I work as a marketing manager at, an email company based in Indonesia. Having 12 years of experience in marketing and sales, I've been shifting my journey to product management and marketing for the last six years. As a people person at heart, I love seeing my team grow …
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Senior Software Engineer at Coinbase Amazon Microsoft
Interview expert | Track record of landing mentees amazing jobs | Resume Help | Career growth | Leadership
5.0 stars
5.0 (19 reviews)
👋 Hi!!! I run the Customer facing team @ Coinbase. I have previously worked for Amazon and Microsoft. I am an offer holder from Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, Amazon, Coinbase, Atlassian and many reputed start-ups. I have taken 500+ interviews and mentored more than 130+ mentees. I have a strong track …
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Sr. Manager at Palo Alto Networks
Product Executive Leader & Ex-Big4 Consultant | Ex-Google, Salesforce, IBM, Deloitte, PwC
I'm an ex-consultant for IBM, Deloitte, and PwC and am now a Product Leader at Palo Alto Networks doing M&A and product management. I've conducted more than 1K+ case interviews and have dedicated time to coaching 500+ people on how to break into tech, consulting, and product management from non-technical …
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Founding Partner at We Scale Startups
Growth Marketing Consultant for Ambitious Startups
4.9 stars
4.9 (23 reviews)
Hey! I specialise in assisting early-stage startups and businesses in their growth by utilising data-driven growth marketing strategies. These strategies allow for the creation of scalable, predictable, and repeatable systems that boost revenue and customer acquisition efforts. Drawing from my diverse experiences as a founder, employee, and consultant, I bring …
Data Science Manager at Apple Inc
9+ years of experience in Data Science
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
Gourav is a Data Science Manager and currently working with User Experience team at Apple Inc. He has also contributed to Relevance Engineering and Applied Research team at Groupon Inc. and has more than 8 years of experience in user personalization, understanding customer behavior, analytics and data mining. He comes …
Head of Growth at Stay365
Organic and Paid Growth Expert with 10+ years of Agency experience in Digital Marketing
5.0 stars
5.0 (8 reviews)
I am a seasoned digital marketing expert with a vast amount of experience to share with you. During my career I have been the Head of Paid Marketing in one of the biggest marketing agencies in the UK with more than 140 employees. I have helped people grow their skillsets …
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