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Andrea Hobby – Meet the Mentor

My name is Andrea and the Founder of Health Data Science Newsletter. Also, I work as a Data Scientist at Accenture.
Andrea Hobby

Data Scientist, Accenture Federal Services

Why did you decide to become a mentor?
I became a mentor because I have benefited from many great mentors.

  1. My first boss coming out of college helped me learn a lot about working with healthcare data in clinical settings.

  2. I have had several great mentors that helped me decide which data science programs/courses to do to help further my education.

  3. When I was going through my interview process for my current role, I had minimal experience with technical interviews. So, I started searching online for a mentor. I found Govind Malhotra through MentorCruise, and he helped me prepare for my job interview, which I ended up accepting.

I became a mentor because I would not be here without the support of everyone who helped me get here. So I want to be that person to help people advance in their careers.

How did you get your career start?
I have been working with healthcare data since 2006. 

I worked in various clinical research positions at UCLA, Johns Hopkins, and other medical centers where I had great mentors. While working at UCLA, I worked with some scientists applying machine learning to their cancer research. While at UCLA, I started working towards becoming a health data scientist. I decided to return to school, earning an MS in Epidemiology and a Certificate in Data Science. While in graduate school, I started a Data Science Fellowship at the FDA. After I graduated, I started working at Accenture as a Data Scientist, which has helped me grow by providing challenging projects and great mentors.

What do mentees usually come to you for?
   Mentees come to me for CV Advice, Finding the Right Role, and Advice on Educational opportunities to advance their careers as Data Scientists or Data Analysts.

When mentees come to their first meeting with me, it would involve me listening to their goals and aspirations. The listening session helps me to understand your current situation. Then, we’ll create a plan to help you reach your goals. Finally, we will set up regular check-ins to make sure progress is being made.

What’s been your favourite mentorship success story so far?
I just started working with my first client. We have made significant progress revamping their resume and setting up several health data projects to take them to the next level. I look forward to sharing more when we are done.

Outside of MentorCruise, I have been an active member in BLACKTIDES and helped refer several people to their first tech roles. Also, I have spoken at the NIH and UCLA about opportunities in Health Data Science. Also, several mentees have found me through my Health Data Science Newsletter which I run on Substack. I have helped them to find new roles and advance their education. 

What are you getting out of being a mentor?

  1. Being a mentor has helped me boost my confidence. Seeing my mentee succeed and progress toward their goals gives me great pride and happiness. It reminds me that I have learned a lot over the years and that I’m making a difference in people’s lives.2. Being a mentor allows me to help people who are starting. I remember how difficult it was when I began my health data scientist career. I worked with clinicians and didn’t have a data scientist to guide me. Now, I share my knowledge and experience with others so they can progress in their career faster.3. Being a data science mentor helps me to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. In addition, my interactions with mentees expose me to new ideas and perspectives.4. Mentoring helps me to expand my professional network and potentially open up new opportunities for collaboration.

If you’re interested in connecting with me for mentoring, please visit my profile and send me a message.



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