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Jatin Ahuja — Meet the Mentors

In this new series, we will take a look at our diverse and awesome mentor team here at MentorCruise. Building this platform wouldn’t have been possible without the support of them. Today, we are going to talk to Jatin Ahuja.

Jatin is one of our mentors on MentorCruise. Visit his profile now and get mentored by him: https://mentorcruise.com/mentor/JatinAhuja/.

Hey Jatin! Before we get started, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a self taught data scientist and machine learning practitioner. You can think of me as a computer science geek who loves to code and to spend time with his family and friends. I’m highly obessesed about A.I and decentralized applications.

Professionally, I’m currently working in data science domain since I love to play with data and analyze it . I’m also the core team member and city ambassador of the AI Saturdays community . Furthermore I write blogs on machine learning at my own site Everything AI .

Also I’m currently pursuing my Engineering degree in Computer Science.

How did you get started with Machine Learning and AI?

Since my childhood I was very curious about computers and the questions like “Can machines think? “ . And during my 2nd year of my graduation program, I started researching about Machine Learning and AI. When I started learning, I did some small projects which I found really interesting to work on. So, I decided to pursue this field.

What is your favourite project that you did so far?

I’ve worked on many projects since last year from creating a personal assistant to recommendation systems. But my favourite project is a simple chatbot that I created during my initial phase of learning. The reason is because it was the first project I was proud of:I scraped the data myself, cleaned it and wrote an algorithm to generate relevant responses. The responses were really good, sarcastic, but good.

Why do you want to be a mentor?

I love to share my knowledge. That’s why I created my blog site and that’s why I’m associated with AI saturdays community . I believe that teaching is another form of learning , and I’m always ready to learn. I’ve always loved teaching , in which I’ve experience of couple of years.

Now that you are a mentor — who would you like to mentor? What is your desired mentee like?

I would love to mentor people who are passionate to learn. Anything else doesn’t matter for me. If anyone is really motivated and passionate about learning, he’ll be a perfect mentee.

Anything you would like to tell us?

It’s just the start of my career and I’ve to learn a lot .I hope being a mentor here, I can help in people’s journey and my journey too. I’m really looking forward to this.

Jatin is one of our mentors on MentorCruise. Visit his profile now and get mentored by him: https://mentorcruise.com/mentor/JatinAhuja/.

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