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Careers in Cybersecurity w/ Stephen Groat

There’s no doubt about it: Tech workers are in demand. Be it software engineers, product designers, or managers, many see these growing career paths as a way to get ahead in their professional lives – and rightfully so.
Stephen Groat

Security Team Lead, Datadog

However, one type of tech worker doesn’t quite get the same spotlight and that’s cybersecurity and security engineers. And yet, it’s one of the careers that’s predicted to grow the most in demand.

But what is cybersecurity and what do you do in this part of the tech industry? This is something that Stephen Groat is going to talk us through today. Stephen has been a security engineer for many years and today leads a security team at Datadog.

In our podcast, we talk to Stephen about how close cybersecurity is to the rest of the tech world, how he leads his teams and what opportunities career changers have in the vast world of security.


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