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New Employee Mentoring Programs: The Complete Guide

Investing in your new employees can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your business. Here's how to do it properly.

When starting a new business, it's important to ensure you have the right people in the right seats. One way to do this is by implementing a new employee mentoring program.

This will help guide your new hires and help them learn the ropes of your company as quickly and effectively as possible.

Not only does mentoring new employees increase their value to your company, but it also has many other benefits we'll outline in this guide. So, look no further if you're looking for ways to improve your new employee training program!

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New employee mentoring provides new employees with guidance and instruction as they become acquainted with your company's culture and operations.

This helps new hires adjust quickly to the workplace, improve their job performance, and increase their value to the organization. Proper mentoring will enhance their performance and help them succeed to the best of their ability.

Of course, depending on the mentor, you'll also have access to leading techniques and strategies that will put your business far above the competition.

Creating a mentoring program is also an investment.

It's an investment in your staff and your business's future. By guiding new employees in their roles, you're training the top talent who will lead your business for many years.

There are plenty of benefits that come with investing in a new employee mentoring program. Let's explore them.

Mentoring new employees can help new hires quickly learn their new roles and the company culture. This will improve new hire training and help new employees become successful contributors to your organization faster.

A mentoring program will also promote a sense of inclusion, as new hires feel like they are part of a larger team. This will help new hires feel more connected to your company and better engage with their coworkers.

The fact you're also investing in your staff will highlight to them you care about them, are happy to invest in them, and are productive in planning for the future, and you're invested in having them around.

This will only motivate and encourage your employees to work harder and be happy to work for your company. It's about having a plan and working together to achieve it.

Hand in hand with the point above, new employee mentoring programs also increase employee devotion and loyalty to the company, as new employees are more likely to stay longer if they have a supportive mentor helping them adjust and with the understanding you're investing in them and their future.

As new employees feel more connected and engaged, they will be more likely to stay longer and enjoy working at your company. This will improve the overall morale of your workplace.

According to studies, 77% of businesses that implement mentoring programs observe gains in employee retention and job performance. The National Mentoring Day Summit also found that mentoring increases productivity in approximately 67% of companies. Another study found that 55% of businesses believe mentoring benefits their total earnings.

The point is that effective mentorship programs can help individuals grow in both their personal and professional lives. This benefits not only the individuals but also the teams with whom they work, as well as an organization's overall performance and profitability.

Finally, new employee mentoring programs can increase productivity as new hires have someone to help guide them through their new role and suggest new ways of working. This will help new employees feel more motivated and productive in their new roles.

So, the benefits of a new mentoring program are clear, but how can you actually go about introducing one to your existing company or startup? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do that and turn this idea into a reality.

The first step is to identify someone who has experience with your company and can share their knowledge with new hires. This could be someone with the organization for a while or a new hire within the same department.

Pairing new employees with experienced mentors can help them quickly become valuable contributors to your company. Consider the mentor's skills, personality, and experience to ensure a successful pairing.

Alternatively, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable professional mentor in your company's business line can also be effective. The role of a professional mentor is to offer guidance, answer questions, and provide valuable insights on how new employees can adapt and perform well in their new working environment.

Mentors can help new hires integrate more easily into their teams, navigate their roles more confidently, and better understand their responsibilities. Through professional mentorship, new employees can effortlessly transition into their new jobs and gain necessary job-related skills.

MentorCruise has a wide selection of mentors who can help guide and support individuals on their professional development journey. Our mentors offer all kinds of sessions, including:

  • Regular Calls
  • Tasks
  • Quick Responses
  • Hands-on
  • Weekly Calls

New hires can easily book a session that helps them reach their goals, whether it’s learning a new tool or improving their communication skills.

Before setting up any new employee mentoring program, setting clear expectations between the mentor and the new hire is important. Make sure that both parties understand their roles, expectations, and how often they need to meet.

This may be an excellent opportunity to set SMART goals to help ensure the process and growth are as tangible as possible.

Consider having a detailed checklist to ensure a seamless onboarding process for your new employee mentoring program. This checklist can be used to guide both mentors and new hires through the program's essential steps.

Here are some suggestions to include:

  • Orientation: Introduce new employees to the organization’s hierarchy, workplace, and culture.
  • Role Overview: Provide clear guidance on what new employees expect and how they can contribute to the company's larger objectives.
  • Company Policies: Discuss the rules and guidelines and the consequences of non-compliance that govern conduct and behavior within the company. This usually includes attendance, dress code, code of conduct, and data privacy.
  • Tools and Systems: Familiarize employees with navigating and utilizing your company's technology and software.
  • Meet the Team: Introduce new employees to their colleagues and help them get acquainted with those they will work with. Icebreaker activities may also be included so new hires can quickly build relationships and feel comfortable within the organization.
  • Goal Setting: New employees work with their managers or personal mentors to define clear objectives for their roles and how to achieve them. Outline specific targets and projects to focus on.
  • Training and Development: Provide opportunities for new employees to upskill and enhance their knowledge. These may include formal workshops, mentorship programs, online courses, and on-the-job training.
  • Regular Check-ins: Schedule regular meetings between new employees and their supervisors or mentors. Discuss progress on their projects, redefine objectives, identify any obstacles, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Feedback Loop: Provide new hires with regular and continuous feedback on their work performance. Gather input from co-workers, managers, or mentors for comprehensive feedback to make necessary changes and improvements. 
  • Career Growth: Have a structured assessment of your new employee’s professional development and career growth within the company. Evaluate work accomplishments, potential growth opportunities, and career aspirations.
  • Final Review: Administer comprehensive assessments at the end of a specific project or period. During the final review, examine the strategies, outcomes, and challenges. 

Using a well-structured checklist ensures that your new employee mentoring program follows a consistent and productive path, leading to the growth and success of both the individuals involved and the organization.

Once you've identified the mentor and new hire, it's time to create a practical plan for the mentorship. The plan serves as the roadmap for the mentorship program, which can guide new employees and their mentors toward achieving their goals and expectations. This should include specific topics that need to be discussed during each meeting and any resources or materials new hires may need to succeed in their new role. Additionally, integrate actionable steps for new employees to focus on to improve their skills and work performance.

Remember that a structured monitoring plan should cater to the specific needs and abilities of both the mentors and the new hire.

Mentoring program templates provide a ready-made structure for your mentors and new employees. This saves a lot of time and effort compared to designing a program from scratch. Select a new employee mentoring program template that aligns with your company’s goals, culture, and industry. Modify pre-defined sections and content to tailor the template to your organization’s needs.

A mentoring program template also often includes a suggested timeline for the different program phases, making planning easier.

Finally, it's important to monitor new hires' progress throughout the mentorship program and provide feedback where appropriate. This will help new hires stay on track and ensure they meet their goals. At the same time, periodically review your mentoring program to ensure it aligns with your organization’s needs and evolving goals. Make necessary adjustments and optimizations to further improve the effectiveness of your new employee mentoring program.

As companies appreciate the critical role that good mentoring plays in the success of their new employee programs, a plethora of cutting-edge solutions have emerged to aid in this process. These techniques facilitate mentor-mentee relationships, improve communication, and promote professional development.

Here are a few noteworthy platforms that can transform your new employee mentoring initiatives:

MentorCruise is a platform that helps you find the perfect mentor based on your needs and professional goals. With mentors from major companies like Google, Uber, Netflix, and Amazon, new employees can access expert advice and personalized mentorship connections needed to transition into their new roles.

MentorCruise is easily searchable, with filters for session type, price, availability, skills, tools, and more. You can book standalone sessions or pay a flat monthly fee for ongoing mentoring.


Every mentor on the platform has a detailed profile that helps you find a good match before you book your first session. Reviews and free trials also help you get the most out of your mentoring experience.

Bravely is a full-service training and coaching solution that provides individualized development materials on demand. Bravely provides a platform for new employees to get assistance, support, and advice anytime it's needed. This real-time technique is beneficial in quickly changing work contexts.


Bravely also gives data-driven insights to executives, allowing them to understand employee engagement and needs better. This enables companies to link their mentorship activities with overall engagement strategies, ensuring new workers receive the assistance they need to succeed.

Together Software is a mentorship platform that transforms connections into organizational performance drivers. This tool supports mentor-mentee relationships and has features that encourage meaningful interactions.


It enables employers to develop an organized mentorship program for new employee coaching. New workers are paired with experienced mentors to assist them with onboarding and career development. The platform allows for regular communication, goal-setting, and progress tracking, fostering an environment where mentorship is an intrinsic part of an employee's journey.

Mentornity is a flexible mentoring software system tailored to diverse mentoring programs inside a company. Mentornity provides a complete approach to new employee mentoring. The administrative site facilitates program logistics such as mentor-mentee matching, onboarding, progress tracking, and reporting.


The platform provides tools such as scheduling, meeting notes, feedback mechanisms, direct messaging, and video conference capabilities for mentor-mentee relationships. This comprehensive solution offers new workers a systematic framework for engaging with mentors, making the mentorship journey more organized and efficient.

There's one important aspect to consider when it comes to creating a new employee mentoring program—choosing the right mentors.

It's all well and good getting everything set up, but if you're not careful about who you choose as your new employee mentors, it could be a recipe for disaster.

The key is to find experienced employees who are patient and willing to help new hires adjust quickly to their new roles. Not only should these mentors have the necessary experience and knowledge to guide new hires in their new role, but they should also be enthusiastic about the new mentoring program.

Another way to ensure that your new employee mentoring program is a success is to keep track of new hires' progress and offer feedback where appropriate. This will help new employees stay on track and ensure they meet their goals promptly.

Finally, it's also important to review new employee mentoring programs regularly and make adjustments where necessary. Over time, the needs of your business and your employees will change and adapt, so you need to ensure your focus remains flexible and allows for growth.

This will help ensure that new hires get the support they need to succeed in their new role.

MentorCruise is a leading mentorship program with access to some of the best mentors in the most prestigious positions in the modern business world. Offering mentorship connections with people in roles at Google, Uber, Netflix, Stripe, Amazon, and many more, MentorCruise is the perfect platform to get new employees up to speed quickly.

Each new employee mentoring program with MentorCruise starts with a free consultation so you can discuss your new mentee's goals and objectives for their new role. This allows MentorCruise to create an individualized mentorship program that suits your new hire's needs.

MentorCruise mentors who have the necessary experience and skills to help new hires understand their new role within a company, develop new strategies, and identify new growth opportunities.

So if you're looking for an easy way to start a new employee mentoring program, look no further than MentorCruise. With access to experienced mentors, pre-made mentoring programs, virtual mentors, and free consultations, you can get new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently.

New employee mentoring programs can be a great way to help new hires transition quickly and easily into their new role within a company. Not only does mentoring new employees boost morale, but it can also increase employee retention and help you create a successful team.

With the right mentor in place, you can do wonders for your business.

If you're looking for a reliable way to start a new employee mentoring program, Mentorcruise is the platform to use. New hires can get up to speed quickly and efficiently with experienced mentors, pre-made mentoring programs, and free consultations.

Happy growth!

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