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Newsha Taheri – Meet the Mentor

I'm Newsha, an experienced Operations Program Manager with over 10 years of project management experience, including 5 years at Meta (Facebook). My expertise lies in project management, strategic planning, process optimization, and cross-functional collaboration, enabling me to successfully lead large-scale projects with efficient and timely results.
Newsha Taheri

Operation Program Manager, Meta

Why did you decide to become a mentor?

I have a strong passion for making a positive impact on people's lives by helping them discover their authentic selves and find fulfilling jobs. I provide mindful mentoring for job challenges in tech industries, career transitions, and work-life balance. I listen attentively and partner with my clients, aiming to enhance their job skills. Through a mindful process of discovering career challenges, I help them gain a new perspective on areas of their career where they need improvement.

How did you get your career start?

After obtaining my B.S from UCLA and M.S from USC, I initially began my career in the non-tech industry. However, my passion for teaching led me to explore opportunities at UCLA extension, where I could share knowledge and inspire others. As I pursued my teaching endeavors, I gradually found myself drawn to the tech industry. I was fortunate to have the guidance and support of exceptional mentors who played a pivotal role in helping me reach my goals. Their mentorship provided me with valuable insights, empowering me to excel in the tech industry. My diverse experiences, along with the encouragement of my mentors, have been instrumental in shaping my professional growth and allowing me to thrive in this dynamic field.

What do mentees usually come to you for?

The majority of my clients are accomplished professionals working in tech companies, seeking to harness my expertise in various critical areas. They come to me for guidance in program management, where I help them lead successful projects and optimize processes. Additionally, they rely on my skills in strategic planning to create actionable strategies that align with their organizations' goals. Stakeholder management is another aspect where I offer valuable insights, enabling them to navigate diverse interests with finesse. Moreover, I assist them in setting clear career goals and provide support in their career development journey, whether it involves enhancing their current roles or making successful career transitions. My passion lies in empowering these individuals to thrive in their tech careers, and I am committed to guiding them towards achieving their professional aspirations.

What are you getting out of being a mentor?

As a mentor, my greatest joy and fulfillment come from witnessing the positive impact I can make in someone's life. Seeing my mentees grow, learn, and succeed brings me immense happiness. It's a privilege to be part of their journey, offering support, guidance, and encouragement along the way. Knowing that I can contribute to their personal and professional development fills my heart with compassion and gratitude. Building meaningful connections with my mentees and helping them discover their true potential is a deeply rewarding experience that motivates me to continue this mentoring journey with empathy and care.

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