The secret to finding your “Aha” moment

Written by Eric Jude July 12, 2020

It may sound easy. All of us do (and we have several “Aha” moments) - but yet only 10% succeed with the right one !

The secret to finding your “Aha” moment

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Eric Jude

Eric Jude is one of our professional mentors on MentorCruise and works as Business & Growth Mentor at Seedstars.

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Let’s look at a few examples of entrepreneurs who discovered their AHA moment and how they turned it into a success.

  • One guy found that graduating was less important than acting
  • Jan Koum realized that he had no way to connect to his father residing in Ukraine
  • Nick couldn’t take pictures of himself while he was surfing
  • Sara Blakely while selling fax discovered her brand
  • Ingvar had to take the legs off to fit it into his car
  • Brian rented his mattress to make some extra dough
  • Momofuku watched how people had to line up to get a hot soup on a very cold day

Brad Pitt is now a star & the others founded WhatsApp, GoPro, Spanx, Ikea, AirBNB and Nissin Foods. They all found their “Aha” moment when they were passionate about solving a problem they faced. But most couldn’t find the greatness or solution on their own. They all needed someone to guide them along the way. Yes, you guessed it, they all had a mentor who led them to succeed.

  • Brad Pitt was able to turn his career around thanks to Bradley Cooper’s guidance
  • Jan Koum met Brian Acton, who guided him through the journey and helped him co-found the world’s leading messaging platform
  • Nick Woodman found Eli Harari to mentor him
  • Wayne Dyer inspired Sara Blakely
  • Brian Chesky had Sam Altman as one of his closest mentors

The guide

In our journey to solving the problem, the guide or our mentor plays a crucial role. They help us tackle problems, and defeat our villains in order to achieve our goals.

Launching a startup is no easy task. How many times have you come up with a fantastic idea only for it to last a few weeks? You tell your best friend and colleagues about it, you buy the sweet .com domain and setup all the social media profiles, but two weeks in, your passion for it has died out. You start to wonder what you were even thinking.

If you’re just starting out in your entrepreneurship journey, finding the right mentor can help you find your path and get to your destination quicker.

According to experts at IESE Business School - “collaborating with the competition, using a business mentor, and being yourself is a few of the most important ways to overcome startup challenges”. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin and one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever, also believes mentorships are “essential”_.

Why is a business mentor crucial for your startup?

A business mentor can aid you in a variety of ways. From getting a better understanding of yourself to laying down a marketing and networking strategy.

  1. Understanding the true potential of an idea - You might have been in multiple situations where you think you have a fantastic idea. You have discovered lightning in a bottle which is going to rake in millions. But this is rarely the case. You need a mentor who has been there, done it, to give you a reality check. He’ll be the one to stop you from making costly mistakes.

  2. Uncovering your true worth: We brush aside the fact that you may not be worth what you think you are. A mentor will show you the rational side of things and bring out your true worth.

  3. Digging deep - Mentors like me like to dig deep into the minds of an entrepreneur and the ideas they have. This give us the opportunity to access your roots and find your strengths, weaknesses, and the message you need to tell the world.

  4. Think Differently: You always have been working silo or with people who love you. A non-biased approach with a mentor by your side helps you see things differently. Call it a paradigm shift - but it’s vital that a mentor like me must help you along your journey.

  5. Distilling Fear and Installing Confidence: Often, entrepreneurs during their early stages of the startup face tough decisions loaded with risks that they want to avoid. It can determine your success or failure in the future. A mentor can help you figure out what will work and what won’t.

  6. Methodology and Marketing: Mentors help you create the right business plan, marketing strategies, and get you to pitch your idea with confidence. They also help you with personal branding, creating your own brand identity, and style. Mentors work with you to get it right and succeed.

  7. Overcoming Bumps and Hiccups: It’s helpful to have a mentor beside you when life takes charge, and you have your ups and downs. A mentor like me understands the need for a breather or any emotional rollercoasters you may be going through. I nudge you to move on when the time is right.

  8. Networking, Relationships, and Better Decisions: A mentor is someone who you can always turn to even after you have found your “Aha” moment and succeeded in making it BIG. You still need to run, trudge and stroll to keep the momentum. To move on, exit one business and find the next “Aha” moment of your life. I can help!

There’s an entrepreneur within all of us. Don’t let your procrastination or lack of support hold you back. Business mentors have been through your situation countless times and can guide you to success. If you haven’t already, it’s high time you consult a business mentor like most triumphant entrepreneurs have.

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About the author

Eric Jude

Eric Jude is one of our professional mentors on MentorCruise and works as Business & Growth Mentor at Seedstars.

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